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IBNL is a collaboration between four men who have extensive experience in for example:

– Lifting and rigging consultancy
– Supervision of lifting activities
– Training and coaching new crews
– Operating cranes (stage 3)

Due to our experience worldwide, we are, or we know, the right professional for every job in the business.

Jasper van de Pol

Safe-lifting consultant / Trainer / Supervisor

As my uncle owned a crane company, I was involved in crane activities ever since I could walk. Growing up, my interest for cranes only grew bigger and I started driving the crane myself at an early age.

Now, I worked with cranes for almost 30 years, both onshore and offshore. First, I started as a crane operater (stage 3), but later I also became a lifting supervisor. Furthermore, the last 15 years I worked as a trainer/instructor and trained upcoming crane operators.

Lately, I act more as a lifting and rigging consultant, as this enables me to use my experience in a different and new way. Advising people, and helping them to solve their challenges, are the two things that give me great pleasure in my job every day.

So please, how can I help you?

Martin van den Berg

Safe-lifting consultant / Trainer / Supervisor

Because of my experience in operating various cranes (tower&mobile cranes)
I became a vertical/horizontal transport coordinator. It gives me great satisfaction to work alongside professionals and make sure everything in a project is done safely. Through my role at IBNL as a prevention officer my main task is maintaining the VCA* certification. I compeleted the safety training study (MVK) in 2014.

Motivating, leading, and training in the lifting industry is a job with a lot of diversity.

Leon van Holten

Safe-lifting consultant / Trainer / Supervisor

As a Non Commissioned officer I was trained to train and lead a group of military crane operators. As a staff-sergeant I served with my group during a UN mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea.
After my 5-year contract in the military I gained experience on all types of cranes, both onshore and offshore.

At the moment I combine my military education and experience with my practical experience in the world of ‘vertical’ transport. The best example to illustrate the combination of these two worlds is the project I did in Afghanistan. During this project, I supervised a group of the Australian Army during the construction of ‘Kamp Holland’ in Tarin-Kowt.

For additional information about my previous experiences you can visit my Linked-In profile.

Jan Bootsma

Safe-lifting consultant / Trainer / Supervisor / Instructor / Technician

From the very beginning I have been interested in technique, lifting and transportation. After I finished secondary school, I started working at several companies that specialized and excelled in dredging and lifting. During these years I started to realize that I wanted more autonomy in my work.

Since then, I started to believe in the value of being self employed, outsourcing myself instead of working at a single company. Finally I teamed up with other colleagues to set up our own outsourcing, consultancy and training company for interim crane operators called IBNL.
After 30 years of experience, I have become the specialist, trainer and lifting supervisor that I am today.

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