Improve communication to increase safety


IBNL realizes how important working with competent people is, and how hard it is to find these people. We offer a specialized training to increase the competence of your ‘lifting team’.

We train

  • Crane operators
  • Riggers / banksmen
  • Lifting Supervisors

IBNL Trainer / instructor

All our instructors have at least 10 years of experience. Therefore we know exactly what a trainee needs to know in order to perform lifting activities in a safe and accurate manner.

Furthermore, we are specialized in team training, so that crews can work safely and efficiently together. The goal is to achieve better results, using less energy.

How do we train?

During our training, we will use your equipment in order to work as efficiently as possible. Our experienced cranedrivers will teach your crew the necessary skills, but will also guide your crew into becoming a close team that works together.


At IBNL we recognise the value of a positive approach to encourage the trust and respect between people necessary to build a good team. We lead by working alongside the crew showing them by example how to work effectively together.


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